Saturday, September 26, 2009

We're DONE! Almost.

The new carpet is in, all of the walls are painted. All that is left is building shelves in the closet, installing the base boards and new doors. I would take pictures of how it looks now but, 1. I'm too lazy, 2. I want to wait until it's ALL finished before I do, 3. You are welcome to come look at it now anyway! We have had a few visitors, and we don't mind if you come either.

When we first bought our house we loved the vaulted ceiling. It wasn't too long, however, before we decided that it was a big waste of space and an energy. For some reason it took us living here for two years before we decided that adding a room there would be a good idea. Once James made up his mind to do it he had it started two weeks later. We are now three weeks into it from when we started. Both of us are in shock at how smoothly everything has gone.

To get to the real reason of this post, I just want to say how overwhelmed I am with my feelings for James. I've always known he was a hard worker, (one of the reasons I married him) but he has just blown my mind this last month. He has still worked full time at work before coming home and going straight to work on the house. This last week, Lizzy developed a nasty cold and became a pill. Just to keep her happy James would put her in a hiking back pack and "pack' her around on his shoulders. He did this mostly while we were painting all of the ceilings. We didn't have the poles to put the rollers on, so that meant we were hiking up and down ladders constantly. I know he was thoroughly exhausted (we both were) but he just kept on trooping with NO complaint! Ever. Literally. I was the one whining about my sore arms, the blisters the paint rollers put on our hands, my sore thighs from going up and down the ladders, and how hungry I was because we never stopped for food breaks.

Anyway, I just really wanted to share that. Stay tuned for more pictures of our house, or just feel free to come by and look at it. I promise it's not that exciting, especially if you never saw what our house looked like before. Because, it basically looks like it was always supposed to look like this!


The Wards said...

I can't wait to see it in person. I am so impressed with what you guys have done. And I am jealous of your handyman husband's skills. If only reformatting a computer were as exciting as adding a new room, then I won't have to be so jealous.

Bailey Family said...

Alicia! I saw your blog through Jocelyn's and I had to tell ya how awesome your remodeling turned out. That is so cool that you guys did this, I had no idea that you were going to quite the extent. I would love to see how it turned out but I also enjoyed looking at the pictures. Way to go on yours and James part for the hard work!