Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Buzzed Head

We were getting ready to give Logan a haircut when we just decided to buzz it. We got a good laugh out of buzzing the top of his head first; it made him look like an old man.

Sorry, I couldn't get the best picture of it. Also, sorry to Mom, I know you hate it. Give it a week and it will look better.

I just had to include this picture. Lizzy was being so cuddly with James and it was ADORABLE!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Today's Fashion

I forgot to add this picture to my last post. (That means keep on scrolling down.) Logan has been dressing himself lately, and aside from putting the clothes on backwards, he does a fine job choosing and dressing himself. Until today that is.And because I know you are all struggling to read it, his underwear says, "School Rocks!".

Birthday and Hanging Out

Logan turned 3 on Monday. It was a pretty low key birthday for him. I'm not much into celebrating, and neither is James. In fact, I'm pretty sure we forgot to sing happy birthday to him. We just lit his candles and he blew them out!

Checking out the smoke. See the excitement oozing out of him? Yeah, that excitement is the reason there was no real party.

The excitement continued with the opening of the presents. James looks more thrilled than Logan! Actually, Logan started getting into the present opening. He even added some gasps of excitement once he got the present open.

In this picture Logan just got hit in the head with his new spider man punching toy. It's one of those things you punch and it bounces back. Despite what he looks like in the picture, he loves it. Our friends brought him the fish. Even though its purpose is for the water, it has become Logan's new trampoline, another favorite now.

One day James decided Lizzy was in the way, so he hung her up. Ok, that's not true, but she was quite content to hang out there and it made for a funny picture.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Logan's Birthday Cake

Picture this: a books binding, with the title and it's author. Title: Logan's 3rd Birthday. The authors are Mommy and Daddy, aka, Alicia and James.

A quick glimpse at the books cover and the pages of the book. (Dang foil is reflecting things in a weird way.)

All three together, binding, cover, pages.

Ta da! The cover of the book!
Logan's favorite book right now is Fox in Socks, if you couldn't tell. :) I can't believe my little baby is 3 years old today! Crazy, crazy, crazy.
I hope you enjoyed the pictures...I had fun making the cake!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

What was I thinking?

For those of you who believe I love to bake, I wish to clarify things a little. I don't love to bake, I love to eat what I bake.

While this picture may fool you into thinking it's just a pile of cookie dough balls, it's really a pile of huge cookie dough balls. I had to use an ice cream scoop to form these.

There are about 80-90 cookies. Not sure really, I lost count. My shoulders hurt because the dough was cold...not a good idea. My hands feel callused too. They aren't used to hard work.
This is only 4 batches worth of cooked cookies. I have about 10 more to go. Maybe not that many...we'll see. I'm still mid process.

This is what Logan has been doing while I've been working. Filling all the dishes in the sink with water. There is water all over the counter and floor. But, it was worth it because it kept him occupied while I was busy, busy, busy! Too bad he couldn't put them in the dishwasher.

Do I really care that much about the fathers in the ward to go through this work? Apparently. Luckily one of the cookies broke when I was transferring it to the cooling rack. I had to eat it. Well, I couldn't give a broken cookie could I?! I promise, it was an accident that it broke. However, since tasting it, I can't promise that the next broken cookie will be an accident.
Like I said before, I love to eat what I bake...this is torturous to make so many cookies that I can't eat! Here's hopping for extras!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Aw Man, He Has Me Figured Out

James and I just had a minor disagreement. I walked away from him feeling angry, and he stayed downstairs feeling angry. While I was "ignoring" him, I thought to myself: "Dang it, I want chocolate cake. I don't care if I just ate cookies yesterday, I want chocolate cake TODAY"! I went back downstairs and asked James, "what will make you feel better"? He looked at me quizzically. I'm certain the quizzical look was because I was talking to him mere minutes after I had walked away in anger. He asked me to repeat the question, which I obligingly did. "What will make you feel better?" Without any hesitation the second time, he answered, "chocolate cake".

He knows me too well.

I don't know about James, but I feel better now!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Silly 2 year olds

I found this the other day, and I thought to myself, "This has Logan written all over it". At least I'm pretty sure that James didn't do it!
The culprit.

His look of innocence.

He's full of cheese.
Oi, it's hard to be mad at him when he pulls one of these adorable faces!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Fun at Grandma's

Logan was bad and ripped this rose off of my mom's bush. Fortunately, it made for some cute pictures. Unfortunately, because it was so funny and made for cute pictures, I failed to scold him for his misbehavior. Rats.
Logan is letting Lizzy smell the rose.

A sweet moment between Grandma and Lizzy.
Lizzy might be a botanist one day. She had fun dissecting (ie: destroying) the rose.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

His Father's Son

I'm not sure how familiar any of you are with James' most annoying habits. A few include his obsessive need to have things picked up and tidy looking. (He's not a deep cleaner, just a "things need to look tidy" kind of guy). Anyway, Logan has developed a similar OCD with tidiness. He doesn't mind the clutter while he's playing, but when it's time for bed, everything needs to be in it's place, or the kid can't sleep.

Two nights ago, I was in the shower and asked James if he would go downstairs to get my book so I could read it in bed. James came back a few minutes later and declared that he couldn't find it. I told him that I had left it on the couch, go find it. He left and came back again about 10 minutes later. He still couldn't find it. Ugh...leave it to a woman to find something that's been left in plain sight. I went downstairs and looked everywhere. I couldn't find it either. James and I spent about 45 minutes total looking for that book. We even wrapped ourselves up in huge blankets (because we weren't properly dressed) and went outside looking for the book! We snuck in our kid's rooms and looked around with a flashlight. We were on our second round of looking in their rooms when we finally found it. We went into Lizzy's room. We did the general scan for the second time and didn't see it. Then, James focused on the two bookshelves we have in there. He started scanning all of our books on the shelves with the flashlight. I didn't see it, but James caught our book. It was stuck right between two James Patterson books. Because of Logan's need for things to be put away, we wasted 45 minutes of our evening looking for it! I'm pretty sure the first words out of my mouth, as soon as we found it, were: "He's YOUR son"!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

New Camera

So, I took roughly the same picture with my old camera, and then one with my new camera. I don't know about you, but I see a HUGE difference. I LOVE my new camera.

Ok, so it's a silly post, but really, I'm happy that I can take good photos now. No, I don't know anything about photography, and I don't know or understand any of the fancy features on my camera, so don't bother asking. Just bask in the knowledge that my pictures will look better from now on!