Thursday, November 29, 2012

Getting Settled and Catching Up

It's been nearly half a year since my last update, and I plan to change that habit. I've sort of been waiting for this change to happen and until it did, I think James and I put a lot of things on hold that we've both been wanting to make be habits.  Random things really, but now that we are beginning to finally feel a little settled in our house, I think the changes are going to start happening. Like me blogging!
 I just came home from getting our "new" van registered and saw this. James was mowing the leaves off the grass, and giving the kids a ride at the same time. When we lived here 7 years ago, mowing was my job. The brakes on this tractor mower only kind of work, so the job scared the heck out of me.
We lived in this house (that the farm owns) 7 years ago. We didn't live here long, just shy of a year, but that was long enough to make it feel like we were coming home again.  Everything is so familiar and it's been an easy adjustment for me. The kids have loved it too, and that's a plus.

Before we moved in, James came up the week before and did TONS of work to the house. With the help of his nephew, every wall, door and ceiling got a fresh coat of paint, there is new linoleum and carpet in the whole house, they got to unclog the water line going to the house, fix the faucet on the tub, put in new pipes under the sink, a new faucet for the kitchen sink, and a bunch of other jobs I can't even think of. James is sick of the house work and is so excited that the jobs are nearly done. Of course, now we've discovered that the pipe the washer drains into is clogged, so his work isn't done yet.

While we were unpacking, we decided to just throw the Christmas tree up too; so even though we've been busy with unpacking the house, we still found time for Christmas.

Three days ago Siri was exploring the new adventure called the bunk beds. I thought she was playing with Lizzy in the play room, so when she started crying I didn't jump up right away. She wasn't crying very hard, but I had a thought flash in my mind that perhaps they had moved to Lizzy's room to play. I got up right then and found Siri lying on the floor next to the overturned laundry basket. I knew right away that she had fallen off the top bunk. We nearly took her to the doctor right then, but decided to wait a few hours to see how she felt. Long story short, we took her in two days later and found out that her right humorous is broken, but a cast would only make the broken arm worse. It is nerve wracking to watch your wobbly 1 year old walk around with a broken arm and no cast on it.

I'm out of time to write. Stay tuned for our past adventures.