Wednesday, January 27, 2010

He Came Out of the Closet

...looking like this.

I know this should be worrisome, but he's only three. So instead of worrying, I took pictures!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Taking A Moment For Logan

Logan is a ball of goof. I just thought I would share with you some of his latest goofiness.

Here is Logan sporting some of Lizzy's pants. I had a huge pile of clothes on the floor sorting through the keepers and the throw-em-outers, when I looked up and saw this cuteness. One day, when it was time for lunch, I asked Logan what he wanted to eat. He proclaimed that he wanted olives for lunch! He had never asked for olives before, so it surprised me. I made him eat a sandwich first and then we opened a can of olives. I showed him how much fun it is to put them on your fingers. I think it was just as fun for me because the olives actually fit on his fingers without splitting them. (They always split and break when I put them on my fingers.)
Here, I was just trying to get my cutie pies to smile for a picture. Logan was telling Lizzy to smile. I never got a good shot of both of them looking at the camera and smiling.
Logan hasn't been a big talker but he is just discovering that he has things to say, and boy does he have a lot to share! A lot of it is still just gibberish, but he likes the sound of his voice and I usually like it too. I remember the very first time he sang a song. It felt monumental to me. James and I had been nursery workers, so we saw how well all of the other children talked and also saw that they enjoyed singing. But Logan stayed resolutely silent. As a result, I LOVE to listen to him sing now. If I can get him to sing by himself I will listen intently and I enjoy every moment of it. He really likes to sing along to a song in Charlotte's Web, and I've been trying to get a video of it for a while now. He usually gets camera shy, so this was a good moment. Enjoy it! I sure did.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Crazy Girl

When we found out Logan was a climber, people assured me it was just because he is a boy. So, what does that say about Lizzy? That she is really a boy? Because her climbing has started at a younger age than Logan's did.
Don't worry, this ladder really isn't as steep as it looks, I took the picture sideways to give you a better idea of how high she climbed on the ladder. Speaking of the ladder, it's new! It goes up to our attic where James is laying down boards as I type. Building a new room for it's storage potential just wasn't enough; now we're converting the attic into storage space!

Can you tell we're trying to get as comfortable as possible in our house? Based on the wonderful down turn of the economy we know we will be in this house for a VERY long time. However, at this point we've done so much to it (the house) that we would have a very hard time moving out!

We've repainted, laid tile in the kitchen and the bathroom, recarpted, built shelves in the garage, built a brand new room out of thin air, and now we've installed this ladder and storage in the attic. I've said it about 3 times before, but this time I think I really mean it. We are done with house projects. What else could there possibly be to do? Please don't answer that question. Don't give James any more ideas!

Anyway, here is a video demonstrating Lizzy's monkey skills.

I had to include this next video simply because she gave me such a precious smile.