Saturday, January 16, 2010

Taking A Moment For Logan

Logan is a ball of goof. I just thought I would share with you some of his latest goofiness.

Here is Logan sporting some of Lizzy's pants. I had a huge pile of clothes on the floor sorting through the keepers and the throw-em-outers, when I looked up and saw this cuteness. One day, when it was time for lunch, I asked Logan what he wanted to eat. He proclaimed that he wanted olives for lunch! He had never asked for olives before, so it surprised me. I made him eat a sandwich first and then we opened a can of olives. I showed him how much fun it is to put them on your fingers. I think it was just as fun for me because the olives actually fit on his fingers without splitting them. (They always split and break when I put them on my fingers.)
Here, I was just trying to get my cutie pies to smile for a picture. Logan was telling Lizzy to smile. I never got a good shot of both of them looking at the camera and smiling.
Logan hasn't been a big talker but he is just discovering that he has things to say, and boy does he have a lot to share! A lot of it is still just gibberish, but he likes the sound of his voice and I usually like it too. I remember the very first time he sang a song. It felt monumental to me. James and I had been nursery workers, so we saw how well all of the other children talked and also saw that they enjoyed singing. But Logan stayed resolutely silent. As a result, I LOVE to listen to him sing now. If I can get him to sing by himself I will listen intently and I enjoy every moment of it. He really likes to sing along to a song in Charlotte's Web, and I've been trying to get a video of it for a while now. He usually gets camera shy, so this was a good moment. Enjoy it! I sure did.