Friday, July 31, 2009

My Darling Silly Kids

I apologize that all of my posts are just about my kids. I'm sure they are boring to some extent, but nothing exciting happens in my life! I spend all day at home with these munchkins. I guess that is exciting. Oh well, you know what I mean.

We acquired these cute pink boots from Kid to Kid. They are really for Lizzy when she is big enough, but in the mean time, they fit Logan, and he kind of likes them! I should also explain the "dress" that he is wearing, since he wears them in a lot of the pictures I share. My mom made him a night shirt a while ago because I complained that I only had extremely thick, winter pajamas for him. Turns out, Logan LOVED it. He never wanted to take it off, so I asked her to make him more nightshirts. He really loves them. I can hardly convince him to get dressed in real clothes for the day!

James didn't know I was taking this video. If he had known, I think he would have kept Lizzy laughing. This isn't the greatest excerpt, but it was all I got before James walked away. I hope you like it anyway.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Logan's Adventures

Logan is a pretty adventurous 3 year old. But what 3 year old boy isn't right? Anyway, I was at my mom's house a few days ago when the accident happened. I was downstairs chatting it up with my mom and Logan was upstairs getting into trouble. Since I didn't witness the incident, the best I can deduce is that Logan was trying to get a flashlight and fell off of the kitchen counter. His face landed on a tile stair. Can you see the triangular bruise on his face where it met the corner of the stair?

In person, it looks very green and ugly. Logan keeps telling me, multiple times a day, that he has an owie on his cheek.

Some of you may be aware, (because I share it often) that Logan has a love affair with vacuums. All vacuums, mops, get the idea. Here is a short (or maybe too long, depending on your attention span) video of Logan in action with his vacuum. Enjoy!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Crazy on Lizzy

So I went a little crazy taking pictures of Lizzy a few days ago. That is rare for me; I am not a picture taker. I know that none of them are great, but I love her and therefore, love the pictures! I let her eat a banana from this mesh bag. I put her in the tub with it so I wouldn't have to deal with the mess. She was more than happy with that set up!

Post bath, and lotion in the hair. It makes for a great styling agent.

"You looking at me?"

All ready for bed!

Every morning I get up with Lizzy first, feed her, and then take her into Logan's room. He insists that I put her down on the bed next to him so he can cuddle and kiss her. I LOVE it! It pleases me so much to see how much he loves her. This video is case in point. I guess it also proves how much Lizzy loves him!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Tanner Flats

Two of my sisters are in town for a couple of weeks, so we have been packing in the fun while they're here! After taking a tour of the Oquirrh Mountain temple, we packed a picnic lunch and headed up to Tanner Flats. We took a short hike up some rocks and played in the roaring river for a while.
Logan and I are playing in the water. I was only slightly paranoid of him falling in and washing away.
It seems like Logan always has this drugged look on his face when I take pictures of him.

Of course, it ws beautiful up there and we were happy to show of nature to Logan. Lizzy didn't seem as thrilled with it. That may have been due to the fact that she was in desperate need of a nap.
Hope you enjoyed, and if you want to read more about our life, keep on scrolling!

4th of July Fun

This is my sister Risa. We had both been taking pictures of things happening all around us, and then we found each other in our camera's sights!
Waiting, waiting, waiting...get dark already!

It didn't take Logan long to dig in to some home made ice cream.!

Fun with sparklers.

The mess of fireworks before it even got dark!

Keep scrolling down to read about more of our 4th fun!

4th of July

Almost every year we spend the 4th at my mom's house. About 10 years ago she started a neighborhood tradition called, "The Cul-de-sac of Fire"! Basically, all the neighbors are invited to the cul-de-sac my mom lives in and they have a huge bbq and pot luck dinner. Homemade ice cream is always involved as well.
This was the prettiest girl at the party.
I spent the day before the 4th painting nails for all the women in the family.

My sister-in-law did some face painting for the children...
and for the adults who think they are children.

This family is happy to live in a free country. It's our favorite holiday and we had a lot of fun, as usual!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th!

Never one to neglect celebrating a holiday, I whipped these little gems up! Aren't they perty?
If you are one of the lucky ones to bite into one of these, you will be pleased to find a blue filling. (Celebratory color of course.) Mmmm...I can't wait until tonight!

Happy 4th of July!