Friday, January 13, 2012

Our 3 Year Old

I am a little alarmed that I have somehow become the mother to a 5 and 3 year old, and a new(ish) baby.  Of the three children, I think the 3 year old is the most challenging. I feel comfort in thinking that most mother's of 3 year olds would probably agree with me. Despite her attitude, we still love her to pieces. 

We celebrated Mickelsen/Ward style. That's code for it was very low key. James and I both grew up with low key birthdays, so that's how we celebrate with our kids!  We invited cousins over to help us celebrate. The birthday girl, Lizzy is in front. We got the kids a pizza (always a favorite) and soda! to drink. I'm pretty sure Lizzy didn't wholly grasp the birthday concept at first. She was just happy to see her cousins and eat pizza.
 Around present opening time I could tell she thought the day was pretty cool because she got to open presents.

 However, her day wasn't super special until we sang happy birthday to her. I SO badly wish I had recorded it on video. The song started and she thought it was all normal, but then she realized we were singing to her! The smile in this next picture shows how happy she was.  Her happy smile was SO SO CUTE!  I know she felt really special, and I'm glad she got to experience that feeling, because I think all to often she feels like the classic middle child.

Siri enjoyed the aftermath of the party. Balloons.

So, my little Lizzy girl. What should I say about you? I fear there would be too much to say. You are a bossy, sassy girl who loves unconditionally, loves to give hugs, be held, and give crazy kisses. I'll admit that your sass is so bad, that this next year might be a long one. However, when you are happy, your dad and I can't get enough of you.  Your smile is absolutely infectious.

Some quick facts about you.
-Lizzy, you are a tall girl. I'm sorry about that. When I took you in for your 3 year well check, the doctor thought you were 4 because you are so tall. At nearly 40 inches tall, that makes you taller than 97% of the other girls your age.
-You can count to 12, a trick that took us by surprise because we've never tried to teach you how to count.
-You only recognize a few letters, "W" being the one you are most comfortable with. Random.
-You know your shapes and colors.
-You are addicted to you thumb. We have broken the habit numerous times, but after about a month of not sucking your thumb, you suddenly start again.
-You love pink and purple.
-After I do your hair every day, you quickly find somebody to show off too and then tell them that you are pretty.
-You will NOT wear socks. You agree to wear them while you have shoes on, but once the opportunity presents itself, you will promptly take them off. You would rather play outside on a winter day with no socks and shoes on.
-You talk a lot, but you are hard to understand. Your speech isn't clear, but it's coming along just the same.
-You are my beautiful little girl, and I love you to bits and pieces. Thank you for being you. Sass and all.