Saturday, March 2, 2013


It is becoming clear to me that I don't take pictures of Logan any more, because I don't have any of him! But, I do spend a lot of time with these two girls, and I think they are both super cute. There are no fun stories to go with these pictures per say, so just enjoy the cuteness and say thank you. 
 Both girls ready for church.
 After about three attempts at a normal pose with Lizzy, this was the best one I got.
 I made some oreos last week. I had the filling in a piping bag and I walked away from it at one point. Siri quickly found it and commandeered it to be her own.
 Lizzy wanted to play outside one day and as always I told her to make sure she put on a coat and gloves. When I looked out the window, this is what I saw. Gloves, two jackets, snow boots, and a swim suit. At least she listened to me.

Such a cute girl. James is one hundred percent smitten with her. Unfortunately, I am more jaded, but I love how much he loves her.  Every one in church has figured out who Siri is too. She stands on the bench and grins for everyone behind us. People will make face at her and she will bust up laughing. It's a bit irreverent. We do our best to keep her turned in the right direction. 
 I was trying to take a picture of the girls in their new clothes so I could send it to their grandma. I only took two shots, but I figured these were the only two needed. Siri is smiling good for one of them and Lizzy is...
well, she was Lizzy. We call these her crazy eyes, and she has been showing them off to us at random times ever since she was 12 months old.

Siri is just about 20 months old. She goes to nursery without a hitch, for which is I am so happy about it. She has also started talking!  Woot woot! She graces us with some choice phrases, like "sit down", "get down", "good night", "I love you", and some others that I can't think of at the moment. Obviously these are the things we say most often to her. My mom is the first one to notice, and I have caught her in the act too, of Siri singing Twinkle Little Star. It is more like, "duh buh, buh da la ba duh, duh mah do do la bah duh".  You get the picture.  No words, but definitely the tune. So, so cute!

Lizzy is our most loving child. She loves to sit with, on, by, me. Always me. James will substitute for her when I'm not around. She will sit by me and stroke my face, or hold onto my arm. It really is sweet, but by the end of the day I start feeling a bit claustrophobic. If I walk by her, she will lunge out to grab and hold onto me. If I ask her for a little bit of space you would think I had just killed a puppy based off of her reaction.  Lizzy makes a great little companion, and I am blessed to be her mother.