Monday, June 21, 2010

The Latest

These are my two latest cakes. The first was for Ellie, an adorable little 6 year old who is obssessed with Phantom of the Opera.
This one was for Logan who is in love with Mater. I had fun experimenting with my airbrush again, but the paint job still wasn't great. That was mostly due to James washing his hands and flinging the water off of them and all over Mater. Water has some interesting effects on painted fondant.
Anyway, just thought I would share since this is what I get the most joy and frustration from.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Phantom Cake

I really like to decorate cakes. I have never felt very creative, but decorating cakes makes me really stretch that brain muscle. The only draw back to it is that I don't pay very much attention to my kids when I'm in the throws of a cake. Things like this can ensue.
Lizzy really likes the trash can. On this particular day she found, what I thought, was an empty box of cornstarch. I guess it wasn't as empty as I had thought. :)

Here's a picture of what I've been working on.
The mask and rose are both made out of gum paste. The above is not the finished product. I still had to trim the mask a bit, and then I painted them both with shiny paint. (I used my airbrush!) The picture below is the finished product.

Aren't they shiny and pretty? Anyway, the cake is for this Saturday. I still have to figure out the placement of these two objects on the top of the cake. I think that is going to be more challenging than you or I think. Do I leave the mask laying down, or prop it up like in this picture? If I prop it up, how would I do that in a non-conspicuous way? Do you see my dilemma? I'll get it figured out. Anyway, I just had so much fun with these that I had to share them right away! I hope you like them.