Monday, June 21, 2010

The Latest

These are my two latest cakes. The first was for Ellie, an adorable little 6 year old who is obssessed with Phantom of the Opera.
This one was for Logan who is in love with Mater. I had fun experimenting with my airbrush again, but the paint job still wasn't great. That was mostly due to James washing his hands and flinging the water off of them and all over Mater. Water has some interesting effects on painted fondant.
Anyway, just thought I would share since this is what I get the most joy and frustration from.



HIs cake turned out so so cute! You are amazing:) It was fun to be at camp with ya and get to know you better!

Bailey Family said...

His cake turned out AWESOME!!! Way to go!!! That seriously is like perfect looking! Hope that he had a fabulous birthday and loved his sweet cake! I made Reagan's baseball one and it was very simple... took me like 30 minutes! Really way to go!

Alexie said...

These are so awesome. Can i be you when i grow up?