Thursday, June 3, 2010

Phantom Cake

I really like to decorate cakes. I have never felt very creative, but decorating cakes makes me really stretch that brain muscle. The only draw back to it is that I don't pay very much attention to my kids when I'm in the throws of a cake. Things like this can ensue.
Lizzy really likes the trash can. On this particular day she found, what I thought, was an empty box of cornstarch. I guess it wasn't as empty as I had thought. :)

Here's a picture of what I've been working on.
The mask and rose are both made out of gum paste. The above is not the finished product. I still had to trim the mask a bit, and then I painted them both with shiny paint. (I used my airbrush!) The picture below is the finished product.

Aren't they shiny and pretty? Anyway, the cake is for this Saturday. I still have to figure out the placement of these two objects on the top of the cake. I think that is going to be more challenging than you or I think. Do I leave the mask laying down, or prop it up like in this picture? If I prop it up, how would I do that in a non-conspicuous way? Do you see my dilemma? I'll get it figured out. Anyway, I just had so much fun with these that I had to share them right away! I hope you like them.

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Michelle said...

Maybe you should look at the soundtrack or movie poster and see how they placed the mask and rose...Just a thought.

They look incredible!