Sunday, June 14, 2009

Aw Man, He Has Me Figured Out

James and I just had a minor disagreement. I walked away from him feeling angry, and he stayed downstairs feeling angry. While I was "ignoring" him, I thought to myself: "Dang it, I want chocolate cake. I don't care if I just ate cookies yesterday, I want chocolate cake TODAY"! I went back downstairs and asked James, "what will make you feel better"? He looked at me quizzically. I'm certain the quizzical look was because I was talking to him mere minutes after I had walked away in anger. He asked me to repeat the question, which I obligingly did. "What will make you feel better?" Without any hesitation the second time, he answered, "chocolate cake".

He knows me too well.

I don't know about James, but I feel better now!


Matt & Darla said...

That's so great! Chocolate cake....mmmmmm. What a great way to end a disagreement! LOL

Anderson Family said...


Colby and Dani said...

Funny! At least he knew the "right" answer- chocolate fixes everything!

jen said...

hehe love this.
i needed chocolate cake yesterday.

and I'm glad you added me! so after we were talking about babywise aaron picked up a bassinet we're borrowing from some friends and they gave us the babywise book to keep. pretty good timing; and I got all the 'ingredients' for baby wipes. Now to finish off the packs we have now so i can start making them.