Thursday, June 25, 2009

Birthday and Hanging Out

Logan turned 3 on Monday. It was a pretty low key birthday for him. I'm not much into celebrating, and neither is James. In fact, I'm pretty sure we forgot to sing happy birthday to him. We just lit his candles and he blew them out!

Checking out the smoke. See the excitement oozing out of him? Yeah, that excitement is the reason there was no real party.

The excitement continued with the opening of the presents. James looks more thrilled than Logan! Actually, Logan started getting into the present opening. He even added some gasps of excitement once he got the present open.

In this picture Logan just got hit in the head with his new spider man punching toy. It's one of those things you punch and it bounces back. Despite what he looks like in the picture, he loves it. Our friends brought him the fish. Even though its purpose is for the water, it has become Logan's new trampoline, another favorite now.

One day James decided Lizzy was in the way, so he hung her up. Ok, that's not true, but she was quite content to hang out there and it made for a funny picture.

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Adam and Brynn said...

Cute pics! I love the one of Lizzy hanging. lol That's my favorite. :) And I loved your comment about coordinating the rest of our kids. lol What are we going to do? That's a serious problem to be leaving Lizzy out like that.