Friday, September 4, 2009

Self Fullfilling Prophecy

Last night was our ward enrichment night. We had an activity that I'm sure sounded less than desirable to many women, including myself: sewing school bags. (Thanks to all that came!) I tried my best to make it known to all that were there that I was the last person that should sit in front of a sewing machine. I do know what I'm doing, kind of, but I'm notorious for breaking any sewing machine that I've ever been allowed to use for any extended period of time. The activity had been going for over an hour and I realized that not many people were that anxious to use the sewing machines, so not much was getting accomplished. I sucked it up and sat down in front of a brand new sewing machine, owned by the church. I was feeling encouraged that I got so much sewn while sitting there! I did run out of bobbin thread though, so under the instruction of one more knowledgeable than myself, (Christina) I was able to refill the bobbin and put it back in the machine.

Nothing else was sewn on that machine for the rest of night. I broke it. Somehow.

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le nez said...

That sounds exactly like me. Must be some family gene inside of us that makes us break every sewing machine we come into contact with. I think my mom has had to send her machine in at least 3 times because of me. *sigh* And I wanted to learn the art of sewing soooo badly =(