Tuesday, September 22, 2009

For Any Who Care

We're almost done. At this moment I am ready to plop over and go to sleep for the next century. Instead, I choose to update all of my avid fans about our house. Ok, so, I'm sorry there are no pictures, deal with it. They will be coming VERY soon!

The room itself is done. The drywall people finished yesterday (Monday) and made a royally huge mess in the process. We wanted to start painting ASAP but we knew that we had to clean off the walls first from all of the dust that attacked them during the sanding process. We started with wet wash clothes, but because there was SO much dust, it just turned the dust into paste right on the wall. So, then we started "dusting" the walls. That did no good because it just stirred up the dust but it landed right back on the walls. We finally got the vacuum out and vacuumed off all of the walls. Then we went back with wet wash clothes and wiped them down. Then came the taping and painting! I think we started painting around noon yesterday and we finished (for the day) at 10:00 that night. This morning I've painted more, but it's still not done. The main thing left to paint is the ceiling of the new room. Then just touch up.

We ordered new doors, one to go in the room and one for the closet in the new room. They won't be here for at least 1 more week. So we still have those left and the new baseboard that goes in that room.

We should be finished with the painting tomorrow at the latest. I'm thinking it will be done tonight. What's the rush on the painting you ask? Well, I'll tell you. We are re-carpeting our WHOLE house on Friday. (So excited!) We wanted to have all the walls painted at least two days before that so that the paint will be less likely to scratch.

Paint today, carpet on Friday, doors and trim sometime next week. After that? Rest. Rest. Rest.

We didn't even get to watch Hero's last night. I don't think we're going to get around to it tonight either. Maybe on Wednesday.

Hope you enjoyed the update. I would go take pictures, but you guys just want to see the finished product right? I knew it.


Melanie said...

Holy cow this sounds like an insanely daunting task you guys have taken on. I'm SO impressed!!! I really want to come see it when it's done. I'm jealous you'll have 4 rooms! Your next project is figuring out how to make a 4th room in my house. Good luck with that. :)

Salina said...

Oh you silly girl...we ALWAYS want to see pictures of the process! But I still can't wait to see the finished product!

jen said...

before AND after pictures please :)
That's a lot of changes, can't wait to see all the upgrades.