Thursday, September 10, 2009

A Fly

I just finished reading one of my sister's posts about a fly. It made me think of my own strange experience last night with a fly. I had just finished showering and there was a fly in my bathroom. Towel in hand, I took a swat at it. It floated lifelessly to the counter where it landed feet up. I celebrated my victory with James. He was excited that I had managed to kill it because it had been bothering him all night. I walked back over to it to dispose of it's dead body when I realized it was gone! I looked around and saw it on my mirror, very much alive. I picked up one of those little medicine cups that comes with your cough syrup and trapped the fly underneath the cup. Again I was amazed at my quick skills, not killing it this time, but capturing it. James scooped it up between his hand and the cup and gave it a good shake, thinking this would kill the fly. When he released his hand from the cup, the fly took off flying! We managed to capture it alive again and this time James threw it into the sink and turned on the water. The fly managed to hold on to the drain with all it's might! Thinking we had drowned it sufficiently, James turned off the water. The fly started crawling up the side of the sink! We turned the water on again, pushed the fly into the drain and plugged it! Hours later we unplugged the drain fully expecting the fly to come rushing out at us. We never saw it again.

There is another fly in my room this morning. It's probably the same one.


Mindee said...

ha ha "the flie who would not die" :)

Kathy said...

LOL! That's hilarious!!!