Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I Think I'm Saving Money

I try to do my part to save money. Actually, it's not really "doing my part" since I am the only one in the house spending the money. All of the responsibility is on my shoulders! I admit, I have some work to do, like learning how to do the couponing thing. (Really Mary, I'm coming over soon!) When it comes to saving money on kid things, here is what I do. I buy almost all of their clothes from KidtoKid. If I don't buy them there, then you know for sure they came off of the clearance rack somewhere else. Since Logan was born, I've made my own baby wipes. I estimated that I only spent around $20 on wipes for the WHOLE time Logan was in diapers. I did look into cloth diapers, but really, I just haven't embraced doing laundry. (But seriously, I researched them and everything. ALMOST bought them.) I do buy store brand diapers though, does that count for something? Anyway, my last money saver with kids is making my own baby food. I bought enough baby food at the beginning in order to use the little baby food containers to store and freeze my own concoctions in. (I did it with Logan too.) Ok, now my story is about it get really random, so if you're not interested, just scroll down to the pictures.

Last night I was confined to my kitchen for a couple of hours. See below video for a small clue as to why. Anyway, during my quarantine, I made a big batch of stew. As I was making my stew, I thought to myself, "I wonder if Ryan Castro would like my stew. I know he doesn't like vegetables, but really, who doesn't like stew"? Luckily, his wonderful wife, Christina called me an hour later. She confirmed that Ryan would indeed have enjoyed my stew. (I told you this was random.) Moving on....I ate some stew for lunch today. It was yummy. While I was eating it, I thought again about Ryan enjoying my stew, if only he would be so lucky to get some. Thinking about him liking my stew made me wonder if Lizzy would enjoy my stew. So, I fed some of the peas to Lizzy. She enjoyed them. Then I suddenly remembered a wonderful little gem in my life. A baby food grinder!
Food grinder on the right, ground up stew on the left, cutest baby in the world back left.

Yep, she likes it!
Arghh....I can't believe I forgot about our food grinder until now! When I make baby food that usually entails cooking squash or yams in the oven, letting them cool off, throwing them in the blender, dispersing them among their own little containers etc. I still like to do that for when I need a quick meal for Lizzy. However, the stew is totally baby safe.
The grinder has re-earned it's right as a permanent fixture on my kitchen counter top.

If the mysterious blue wall confuses you, keep on scrolling down to my previous post. Not that I explain anything there, but you might piece the puzzle together. :) Enjoy! Oh yeah, and the video is of Lizzy eating peas from my stew....the night I made it.


Eric and Shaunna said...

Alright, you have got me do you make baby wipes?

Jenny Gamboa said...

I too must know how you make your own baby wipes. I know! You make them out of banana leafs right!? ;)