Saturday, September 12, 2009


It has been a few years, (7, I think) since I've been to mutual. Thanks to having a good friend (or two, or three) in the Young Women's Presidency, I was invited last Tuesday night! I don't think they invited me just for my good company, though that would have been nice. I went so I could demonstrate cake decorating! It was a lot of fun too, and I always like a good reason to eat cake!

This is a picture of all the girls working hard on their cakes.
This is a picture of their leaders working hard to, um....get to know each other better? :) Tiffany is actually washing dishes too; she's a multi-tasker.

The girls' finished cakes! Don't they look great?

And lastly, another cute video.
Lizzy has never been phased by loud noises, ever since she was born. Having construction going on in our house has been no different. She gets especially excited when the saw is on. Strange child. It's even more strange to me, because, while I may be a yeller, I hate loud noises myself. I really really do. I hate whistling, I hate it when people "yell" at you when they are talking, (I had a roommate we had to constantly tell to talk more quietly) I hate the tv being on too loud, and I really hate the sound of the saw, nail gun etc. Lizzy just doesn't seem to care! On the contrary, she really would get excited when the saw was on! Sadly, I didn't get an actual video of her while the saw was on, but I interviewed her about what was going on in our house and she responded well.


Tiff said...

Thanks again for sharing your talents with us, Alicia! The girls loved it! :)

Tiff said...

P.S. Thanks for posting the picture of my back side! :)

carlee said...

Haha! Excellent interview.