Wednesday, December 16, 2009

My Beautiful Family!

We had a girl in our ward take our family pictures last week. It was frustrating to work with Logan because he gets SO shy around people he doesn't know. We couldn't get him to crack a smile once through the whole photo shoot. To prove to ourselves that the kid could smile we went home and took some silly pictures of our own.

See, he's a cheese ball!
We were able to get Lizzy to smile in her individual pictures, but not our family pictures. Oh well. She does have a great smile, if I do say so myself. See?
For everybody who says Logan looks like his Dad I tell you to look at this picture. I think he looks like me! Kind of. We have the same eyes at least. Thank goodness he doesn't have that Ward nose! (If you are unsure of what a "ward" nose is, just look at mine!)

Aw man, I sure do have some handsome guys in my life!
Stay tuned for the professional pictures. I'm still waiting myself. :)

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Mindee said...

Don't you love how they won't sit for a real photo, but they're so cute at home?? Mine do that too :) Your kids have gotten SO big, I can't believe it!