Sunday, December 6, 2009

Jumpin' Jack's Fun

All of my family was in town two weeks ago for my sister Sarah's wedding. Everybody went back to their regular lives shortly thereafter, but my sister Risa decided to stick around for another week. I tried to make the most of it by playing with her often. We took our kids to Jumpin' Jack's one day and had a blast. The best part is that they let the adults play too!

James loves this picture of Lanelle, Risa's daughter.
There's a lot of static electricity.
James and I went down a slide together. We tried to "surf" down, but were unsuccessful.
James had TONS of fun. I know he's trying to figure out when we can go again.
The slides are very steep, that's why I have the look of fear on my face. I have an issue with heights.

We seriously had so much fun. I hope that these links work. We took a few videos of us going down the barrier to the slide. James started it (no video of him, sorry) and he was more successful than Risa and I were. Risa's video is the funniest and the craziest, considering the fact that she is 20 weeks pregnant in it. Enjoy them! They give us a laugh every time.


Michelle said...

Don't you love to use your kids as an excuse to have some uninhibited fun? I'm pretty sure your kids will go back any time you want them to.

Mindee said...

Those videos are great!