Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Family Pictures

I apologize that I've already shared some of these, so they are nothing new to you, but I felt like sharing them all together!

We had a girl in our ward take our family pictures about a month ago. I really wanted outdoor pictures, but our scheduled day for pictures was FRIGID cold outside! Maybe next year. Anyway, these are the 5 that we chose.

There were NO pictures of Logan smiling. Literally, none. James and I both really liked this picture though. Can't you feel him staring right through you?

Of course there is the kissing picture, which I've described in a previous post.

I'm not sure how I feel about this picture. I think it makes me look like I'm a lot bigger than James. It did teach me a valuable lesson though. From now on I'll make sure he is in front of me for the picture.

I'm hoping that by next year the kids will learn to smile on demand. :)


Anderson Family said...

They turned out way cute!!!! LOVE the kissing pic!

Mindee said...

They look great! You are a darling family :)