Monday, December 21, 2009

The Birthday "Party"

It really wasn't much of a party, just opening presents and eating cake. But, my sister Sarah, husband Bret, brother Ron, wife Erika and their kids, came and helped us make it more of a party. Oh yeah, and my mom was there because it was at her house. :)

Everybody was eager to help Lizzy open her presents. She got a baby cd player and foam blocks.
I may be capable of making a fancier cake, but this is all a baby should get in my opinion. I've come to find out that I'm very one sided in my thinking. Luckily, James agrees with ME.
Lizzy tore right into it! Maybe I should have given her a full sized cake after all!

Nope, maybe not. It looks like one cupcake was enough to make her woozy.

She ate the whole cupcake and stayed pretty clean in the process! Man, I still don't know where she got those big beautiful blue eyes!
Happy Birthday Lizzy Girl! We LOVE you!!!!


Mindee said...

So cute :) I love letting them dig into a cake at one year! My kids certainly never stayed that clean, but it was fun, nonetheless! Lizzie is too cute, I love her hair!!

Janae said...

I love her crazy cute hair! Glad that she and Clayson can share a birthday :)