Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas 2009

This first picture is actually from Christmas 2008, when I was 40 pounds heavier. :) In my defense, I had just given birth to Lizzy two weeks earlier. The picture is of significance because (and I think I've shared this before) these are the three grandchildren born on my parent's side of the family in the year 2008. Coincidentally, all three girls have names that start with "E". Left to right, Elizabeth, Emmeline, Eva. Those are 6 fine looking women no? The other mom's are my sister's-in-law, Erika and Jeana.

This is what the "three E's" looked like this Christmas. They've all got longer hair! These are two of my brother's, Ron and Stephen. Don't mind the crown on Stephen's head; we were about to reenact the Christmas story and he was a wise man.
This was our Christmas morning mess. Lizzy sat in her chair basically the whole morning and was the happiest in it. She played with her new baby doll the whole time. Logan is playing with his new tools. They were by far his favorite present. I guess it helped that he didn't get a whole lot of anything else.
James is showing off his loot here. Not that you care, but the two zip lock bags are full of homemade hot chocolate mix. His mother made it for the family, so it is James' favorite kind of hot chocolate. I admit, it's pretty good! I made one batch botterscotch flavored.
Please excuse my slightly drugged look. James caught me mid blink. Regardless of how I look in the picture, all of my presents look pretty good, don't you think? I've already really enjoyed using my rice/vegetable steamer and my jewelery stand. Unfortunately, James didn't buy any new jewelery to go in it. ;)
Lastly, here is the kids' loot, combined. It includes the presents they got from our family gift exchange (thank's Andrea!) and from their grandparents.
I'm sorry to be blogging about our Christmas. I know most of you probably don't care, but I needed something to blog about! It has been too long for me!
So....our Christmas was good. How was yours?

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