Friday, December 18, 2009

Friends and Tepanyaki

I'd been wanting to go to Tepanyaki for some time. We convinced our friends, Rob and Jocelyn, to go with us on Monday. Right before we left, Jocelyn reminded me to grab our camera.

This is a picture of Rob and Jocelyn driving in front of us. It was taken in the car, so now you can tell how dirty our windshield is. ;)
We went out to "celebrate" the end of the semester for Rob. He just finished an especially grueling semester of school. Good job Rob! And good job to Jocelyn for surviving as well. :)
Don't we look eager to eat?

The whole reason I wanted to go to this restaurant is because they cook the food in front of you and do all sorts of tricks while cooking it. Part of the "show" is flipping shrimp into your mouth. I was the only one at the table who caught my shrimp. Jocelyn was kind enough to film it. I know all of you have been thinking that the only thing missing in your lives is a video of me eating shrimp. Ha! Thanks for the fun night Egberts!


Mindee said...

That's great Alicia :) Was it a good restaurant? We've been thinking about going, but just haven't made it... Whadja think??

The Mickelsen's said...

The food was good! I definitely recommend going with friends though. And, the price is a little higher than normal restaurants, but we told ourselves that we were paying for dinner and a show.