Saturday, July 7, 2012

Siri Turns 1!

Siri turned 1 on July 6th. When I woke up that morning I hadn't even decided if I wanted to celebrate that day or not, but my mom seems to run the show around here, so we celebrated on her actual birthday. I whipped up some Red Velvet cupcakes, made dinner, wrapper her present and called it "good to go". 

Lighting a candle outside really isn't the best idea, but since she couldn't blow it out anyway, it didn't really matter. 
 She was the most interested in the sprinkles. She ate those first, then the frosting, then the cake.
 Her poo diapers have looked interesting today. That's some pretty powerful red food coloring.
 She got some new clothes from Grandma-Idaho, books from Grandma Ward...

 and a musical, talking, stuffed dog from Mom and Dad.
Fun party.

Let's see here...some fun facts about Siri...

-She has less hair today than the day she was born
-Her eyes are still blue, which I can't believe. How have we made two blue eyed babies when James and I both have brown eyes?
-She thinks she is the stair master, and in reality she actually is really good at them. I've stopped hovering around her when she is headed down the stairs.
-Siri only has two teeth, so I still get creative on her meals, since I refuse to buy baby food. She is on whole milk and seems to enjoy it as long as it's warm.  If it's the slightest bit chilly, she refuses to drink it.
-She doesn't walk, which is shocking to me because she showed early signs of it. She will stand by herself for small increments of time.
-She loves to "talk" to you. Her favorite thing to say is "Bah"! She'll yell it, say it softly, and growl it.
-She tries to say "I love you". No joke. Sometimes she says it more clearly than others, but for the most part you can tell she is trying to repeat it back even though it sounds nothing like "I love you".  I've also heard her say "Thank You" in much the same clarity. We've tried to get her to say other things, and she will make noises with the right amount of syllables.
-She love, love, loves to play Peek-a-boo. She'll play with anybody or anything. Dirty clothes?  Great for covering her head up with to pull off and say "BOO"!  If she doesn't have clothes, her blanket or the kitchen towel, she will use her hands. She's less coordinated with those, but doesn't seem to mind if she's just covering her cheeks before she says "boo"!
-She's got her dad wrapped around her finger. She has figured out how to prolong bed time if he is the one putting her down. She immediately initiates him in a game of peek-a-boo and she will laugh hysterically while playing. How is he supposed to walk away from that? Her sad little crocodile tears follow immediately his departure.

I'm sure there other fun facts about Siri, but they are hard to think of! Happy Birthday to our little girl, Siri!

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Alexie said...

I can't believe how big your kids are getting. And those blue eyes are to die for. Coleman's have stayed blue, too, though I keep thinking one day they're going to change like the other kids'.

PS- and I love your Hulk cake from past posts. Love it. And Max would also LOVE it!