Sunday, July 1, 2012

Fun With Kids

Life isn't that exciting, and we like it that way. We don't do a ton with our kids, like take them to the zoo, etc. The "fun" isn't worth the yelling and gray hairs. Ok, so we do that stuff sometimes, but it just isn't the norm for us. We play at home and we like it. 

Siri has been getting into EVERYTHING lately. For example, Logan's underwear drawer.
 She won't leave a bow on her head for more than 2 seconds, but she will crawl around with underwear on her head.
 Maybe she is embarrassed about her bald head, so she covers it up.
Siri has also mastered the stairs. Up and down. It gives me heart palpitations to watch her, but it's better than a gate, in my opinion.

Last week, Jame camped in the back yard with the kids. I slept in the house, just so Siri wouldn't be alone. ;)

They stayed up till after 11:00 watching Tales From the Crypt. They loved it and Lizzy in-particular has asked numerous times when they will do it again.

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Carlee said...

I STILL like sleeping in a tent in the yard. Easiet camp out ever (especially if you can get someone else to set up/take down the tent)!