Sunday, July 1, 2012

Logan's 6th Birthday

Logan has caught on to things a little slowly - birthday's being no exception. He was excited and happy for his 5th birthday, but his excitement building up to number 6 was a whole new ball game. His excitement had an effect on me and James, and as a result we did way more for Logan this year than any other year.

On his birthday itself my mom was hosting a wedding reception at her home, so that left us with just the morning to really celebrate. We decorated with balloons and streamers (including a big "6" balloon) and let him open his presents before James went to work.
 He got new clothes and candy from his Grandma Idaho.
 Money and an Angry Birds blanket from Grandma Ward.
 Hulk hands...
 and a camera from his parents.
 Instead of a cake on his actual birthday, I bought 6 donuts, and made a donut cake. He was pretty pleased with it.
 We took him to Chuck-E-Cheese's that night, per his request. It was CRAZY there, but the kids had fun, so it was worth it.

3 days later was his party. We had friends come over for dinner and to play.
Logan helped me make this pinata, and then he drew pictures of super heroes to put on it for decoration.
There was pinata fun and presents to open.

Then James brought out his cake. He asked for a hulk cake and I decided it would be easier to buy a hulk to put on the cake than to actually try and decorate a hulk for the cake. We left it as a surprise till we sang Happy Birthday.

I'm so glad I took this video of Logan. This was the first time he'd seen the cake with the action figure on it. His face is HILARIOUS. It shows how shy he really is. He couldn't handle having everyone see how ridiculously happy he was. 

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Ha, that vid of Logan is great :)