Monday, August 3, 2009

Warning: Graphic in Nature!

Did you read his shirt? It's true.

Logan....ahhh....there are no words to describe him. No other person in this world has made me laugh harder or want to tear out my hair more than this little guy.

Logan potty trained fairly quickly and we have had relatively few accidents since then. The accidents that we did experience were fairly normal ones, like wetting the bed in the middle of the night. Then Logan surprised us. We were enjoying a nice quiet Sunday evening. Logan was in and out of the house, but playing very nicely on his own. At one point James walked outside and discovered poop. Yep, poop. Logan, who never once has gone to the bathroom without my helping him pull his pants down and up, decided that while he was outside he needed to poop. I wouldn't have believed that it was him except for the evidence in his underwear...oh yeah, and the fact that he said he had done it. *sigh*

I still love him.

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Salina said...

Ahhhh! Isn't being a mom the BEST!