Friday, August 14, 2009

A Day I Wasn't Bored

Right now, I am bored. I'm waiting for James to get home from work so we can take Logan to Arctic Circle to release some pent up energy. It's raining outside right now and he is begging me to go on "the slide". Anyway, as a result of my boredom, I decided to do a quick post.

A couple of weeks ago we took Logan to the Salt Lake County fair. Luckily, for us, it was fairly dead. That means no lines. This was Logan's first time on any kind of ride, so it was exciting to take him.

He talked about riding on these motorcycles for the next couple of days.

Oh, and he LOVED riding on the horsey.

He was less than thrilled with this ride. In my defense, James and I thought this was going to be a mild ride, you know, just go in circles kind of thing. The fair was so dead that we hadn't seen this ride in action. We had to get the operators attention just so we could get on. Anyway, this ride had some g-force happening. Logan was whimpering the whole time and I was willing him not to throw up.
After the rides, we did a quick stop at the petting zoo. Sorry, no pictures of that! Logan almost liked the animals. He wanted to pet them, but was nervous when touching any animal. Strange child.
Oh well, we had fun at the fair!
Rats...that only took me 5 minutes. James still isn't home.

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