Tuesday, August 4, 2009

11:11 is Haunting Me, I Com!

I have problems falling asleep at night...it's a result of having children. Anyway, I have strange thoughts at late hours and one of my strange thoughts from last night is that I should share the following two stories with you. I apologize now if they bore you.

About three years ago, James and I started being haunted, and if you read the title of my post you will know that we are haunted by the time, 11:11. All this means is that we see that time on the clock nearly every day. We're not trying to, and most of the time we are in bed for the night with the lights off. Where we have cursed ourselves is that we have a projection alarm clock, so we can see the time on the ceiling with the lights off. We don't lay awake with our eyes open waiting to see this time. For example, last night we were talking to each other; James shifted positions in bed and we both opened our eyes only to notice that it was 11:11. The night before, James had fallen asleep around 10:30, but woke up to shift and it was 11:11. I've counted and we have seen the time 11:11 for the past 6 nights! Stupid story, I know, but very eerie...

Ok, ready for one more stupid story? This also transpired from events about three years ago. James and I read our scriptures with each other every night and it wasn't long before James realized that I have issues with pronouncing words. It's not that I don't know how to pronounce words, the problem is in how my brain sees the word. The word that I trip up on, even to this day, is compromise. Can I just say that this word is in the Book of Mormon A LOT! I know the word, and I know how to say it, but like I said, my brain is my enemy. The way I end up pronouncing it is com (as in .com) promise (as in, I promise). James and I have shared a good laugh about this many times. The joke between us became about what kind of a promise a com-promise was. We decided it was the ultimate promise. It has become so much a part of our vocabulary with each other that we end up saying it to other people by accident! When trying to prove a point, instead of saying, "I promise", we say, "I com". I know I've said it to my mom, several of my friends, and James has said it to several of his friends. We have gotten some odd looks.

Another stupid story right? Oh well. I still hope you enjoyed them to some extent, I com. ;)


Melanie said...

You're awesome. I remember seeing that projection clock and thinking how cool it was. Anyway, the stories made me laugh. :)

le nez said...

Want to know something funny? I had a friend who was haunted by 11:11 too!! Sometimes I would be on the phone with him and I'd ask him what time it was, he'd look and it'd be 11:11. Or he'd just glance at the time and it was 11:11. It was a pretty crazy thing!!

The second story is so cute. You two are cute. I love it.