Saturday, December 17, 2011

Sorry Pam

In high school I had a good friend named Pam. Pam had the most beautiful extra long hair I've ever seen. Down past her bum kind of long. It was healthy, shiny, and super fantastic to look at on the random occasion that she would wear it down. All through high school my hair was short. Really short most of the time. I somehow talked Pam into cutting her hair with the condition that I would grown my hair out to a certain length. Pam went through with the hair cut (don't worry, she still left it plenty long) but I, however, have never managed to grow my hair out to that specified length we agreed on.
Giving a point of reference.
 The specified length would be to where my finger is pointing. I really thought I might get there this go around with growing out my hair. But, alas, my hair has been falling out at quite an alarming rate since Siri's birth and James was pretty insistent that I cut it before I go bald. (Only two more inches and I would have done it!)
Now I look like me again. I thought I might be sad to lose those few years of effort in growing out my hair, but not so! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, having short hair again!!!  Makes me wonder why I waited so long to cut it.

Sorry Pam. Maybe, one day.


Carlee said...

I love it! You are definitely a short hair kinda girl :)

Rob, Jocelyn, and Rylee said...

I agree your hair is very cute short. Can't believe you gave in two inches away. Silly girl. Hey is is okay to drop us a line every once in a while to say you miss us you know. Even if you are lying :)

Michelle said...

So cute, Alicia! I think you look great both way, but shorter is definitely spunkier!