Thursday, July 7, 2011

Baby Siri is Here

We had Siri yesterday. Everything went really well, thank goodness. James was more nervous than I was the whole day. He just kept saying he would feel better after it was all over and he could see that we were both OK and healthy. 

When the doctor came in to break my water, he asked James if it would make him sick to watch. I laughed and said that James had delivered tons of cows, so this should be nothing. I think that impressed the doctor, so when it was time to deliver (just shy of 4 hours later), the doctor told James to put gloves on. James assumed he was wearing the gloves because the doctor would let him touch the head, or something similar, during delivery. He was surprised when the doctor took my leg and told James to stand in where the doctor was supposed to be. 
 The doctor supported my foot against his hip so that he was still hands free in case James needed some assistance delivering the baby. James did great, but was uncomfortable pulling on Siri's head per the doctor's instructions. The look on James' face was hilarious and I was laughing the whole time I was pushing. (Not easy to do at the same time.)
 I wish the pictures of James pulling Siri out were appropriate, but they're not. Oh well. James loved that he got to deliver the baby. It was much more than just catching her, he had to pull her head, turn her, push down, then pull up and then handed her to me! That was a very special experience for him and I think it endeared him to our doctor forever for letting him do it. :0)
 Our friend Carlee came to watch the birth. Luckily she agreed to come, because (despite charging the battery last week and checking it before we came) our camera battery was completely dead. Carlee took all the pictures with her camera, and she did a wonderful job of documenting the whole thing.
 With her swollen face, Siri looked very alienesque for the first couple of hours. I couldn't stop laughing at her; she looked SO funny to me. She kept making hilarious faces and contorting her face in the strangest ways. Maybe I'll do another post of the many faces of newborn Siri.
 That left eye of hers tend to give you the "What you looking at?" look.

I'm not really so surprised to see my baby. She had just yawned and I couldn't help but imitate it.

It's been a very calm and peaceful day since she's been born. We ABSOLUTELY love her to pieces. The kids do to. Lizzy just wanted to sit by her and pet her head over and over again. I'm just trying to enjoy the remaining hours of peace until I am in charge of all three kids.

Wow. I've got three kids...


Lorna said...

Cute and sweet little baby girl! So special for James to deliver her! Congrats you guys!

Jen and Fielding said...

Congratulations on one more adorable addition to your family.

I'm pretty sure she's just taking after her mom when she makes those funny faces. I've seen you make some of those same faces.

Shelly said...

Congratulations! What a neat experience for James to be able to help deliver her. Good luck to you all!

Sara Hammond said...

My dad got to do that a couple of times. It makes an awesome story, that is for sure!

Kathy Rose said...

Congratulations!! So glad she is here. She is beautiful!!