Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Good Friends

Good friends are priceless, which is why it's weird that I really only like to have a couple of really close friends at a time. For some reason, I really struggle with large groups of friends. I like to have lots of general friends, you know, the people you can make polite conversation with whenever you see them, but I really just like a couple of really close friends. 

I feel well established in the close friendships that I do have. They know who they are. I just wanted to give a big thank you to all of you for all that you do for me. I always worry that I never contribute enough to my friendships...but...maybe I do. Because you are still my friends.


Rob, Jocelyn, and Rylee said...

Yeah, I made it on the close friend list. Oh crap?? Maybe I didn't, I don't know who I am?? Oh man you said you know who you are so I an confused because I don't know. Well good times anyway right? I am so happy you guys made the drive up to come see us. It meant alot really :)

Jen and Fielding said...

I'm totally on your team with this one. People tend to think I'm really social and friendly, but that doesn't really mean there are a lot of people I consider friends. It just takes me a while.

Either way, you're still an amazing person who's accomplished amazing things. And anyone who knows you is pretty lucky.

Michelle said...

I know I'm not on your close, close friend list, considering our age difference and how we're in different stages of life, but I'm lucky to know you and get to go to dinner with you once in a while. You're a great lady!