Saturday, June 25, 2011

Buffy and Barlow

Random story, so I hope it translates well. Oh, and if you don't get the title of this post, watch TV and read a Stephen King novel.  (Salem's Lot in case you are really interested.)

A couple of nights ago, I was in our room, and James was somewhere else in the house. I decided to go work on an upcoming cake, and that required a dowel, which I knew was in my closet. So, I went to grab the dowel and discovered this broken one, with the sharp end. 
I grabbed the dowel and headed for the door. I opened it and was face to face with James who was just about to come in to hang something up using the two thumb tacks also in the above picture. However, he wasn't just holding the tacks in his hand; they were in either side of his mouth, looking like sharp vampire teeth.
We stood staring at each other in silence for a good 3-5 seconds before we both busted up laughing.


Michelle said...

I'm going to say this with love...You two are weird!

Kathy Rose said...

LOL!!!! Oh my heck, that is hilarious! Love it! :)