Friday, August 19, 2011

Time Flies

I'm not sure I've ever gone so long with out a post. My brain feels like mush, but life has been wonderful for the last 6 weeks. I've said it before and I'll say it again, I'm not a big picture taker. The following pictures are nearly all of the pics I've taken in the last 6 weeks. 

3 weeks ago we drove to Idaho to show off Siri to James' side of the family. James took the kids on multiple 4-wheeler rides along with spending a day out on the boat. 
 This is Logan, Lizzy, James and our niece Taylor.
 James spent some time working in the greenhouse. He took Logan with him too. This is Logan, Dalton and Morgan, our nephews. Dalton just got his mission call to the Marshall Islands. Woohoo! We are SO excited for him!!!

 These are my three sweet angels. They don't always act so angelic, but we love them to pieces anyway.
 Siri is 6 weeks old this week. It's hard to get a cute picture of her, especially because she hasn't started smiling yet.
 Logan did Lizzy's hair for her one day. Do you think he did a good job?
 This little girl makes lots of funny faces.
Last week we said hello and then goodbye to our family visiting from Maryland. My sister and her family lives there, but Logan had a blast playing with his cousins for the week they were here.

So now you are pretty much up to snuff on what has happened in our lives for the past 6 weeks. People have been asking me how it has been to adjust to 3 kids, so I'll tell you what I think.

I've been tired. But I was tired before I had Siri, so what's new? Actually, I've been less tired lately, due to a sweet little girl that allows me to get some sleep. For the last week Siri has made it a habit to sleep anywhere from 6-8 hours at a time at night.  I realize some babies learn how to sleep through the night very fast, but I attribute her skills to applying the principles I learned from the book On Becoming Babywise. I've done it with all three kids and I am a TRUE believer.

Let me start this next paragraph by saying that I am a whiner. Everything seems hard to me, and I'm quick to complain about the easiest of tasks. However, the transition to child number 3 has probably been the easiest one. Logan was our first kid, and the hardest in my opinion. But I think that is just because I had NO clue what I was doing or what to expect. Lizzy would have/should have been the easiest to transition to. She was a perfect baby during the day but as soon as 10:00 PM hit she would cry. And cry. And cry. Until she was 12 weeks old. That's when she stopped crying and starting sleeping. Siri would have been an extremely difficult baby for me if she had been my first baby. Luckily, I really know what to expect this time, and I won't be thrown off by her curve balls. She had a very difficult time learning how to nurse, and we've dealt a lot with some major tummy gas issues, but we seem to be past that for the most part. I've never felt overwhelmed with having the three kids, and for that I am SO grateful. After the birth of the older two kids I felt completely and totally done having kids. No more, thank you very much. But, three has been easy enough that I am readily admitting to wanting more kids. (Just give us 1-2 years please.)

The main message I am trying to convey is that I feel SO blessed. Heavenly Father has held my hand through this transition and has made it very easy. Logan and Lizzy have made the adjustment well and without a doubt, James and I are closer and more in love with each other than ever before. It truly baffles my mind that you can love a person more and more the longer you spend with them. (Seems like you should get more and more tired of them.) There has never been another person in my life (besides my parents, but that's a given) who has loved me so thoroughly, given so much of themselves to ensure my happiness, and told me multiple times on a daily basis that they love me than James has and does. I am a lucky, lucky girl and my kids are lucky, lucky kids. I'm not sure there is a better daddy or husband out there.

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Michelle said...

Nice thoughts. It makes me glad to see my friends happy and grateful. I really do think that my friends (including me) have managed to find the best men in the world to marry. Such a good thing.