Saturday, July 31, 2010

Nothing to Share

Or so it feels. My mom has bugged me a few times that I don't update my blog enough, but really, these are the only pictures I've taken in the last month, and there's not much to them. I don't have any funny stories or crazy happenings, so this is what you get!
The kids found the goggles, and now they live in the toy basket. (The goggles, not the kids.)
Logan and Lizzy have a bad habit of taking the gas cap off the lawn mower and filling the tank up with grass, mulch, water, and other things. Despite the multiple beatings they receive, they keep doing it, so this is a picture of one of the many times James has had to fix the lawn mower. I thought it was a cute picture because Logan's got the tools in his hands too and thinks he is actually being helpful.
We had friends over for dinner and games a week ago. I made the mistake of leaving the games out overnight. The next morning, while I was taking my shower, this is what ensued. Rumikub tiles, a deck of Skip-Bo cards, and a deck of regular playing cards, all over the floor!
Lizzy has started this new thing where she "falls" off the bottom stair. As I was putting the blog post together Logan started jumping down the stairs and it occurred to me that Lizzy is probably just imitating him, but she's not coordinated enough to jump yet.

Lastly, I have to include this video because it sums up why I love James. He's a goof. I'm a little more serious, so he brings good balance to my life. He's embarrassed about this video, though I can't figure out why!

I have one more video to share, but I'll save it for another post. :)

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carlee said...

Haha, both of those are great vids!