Thursday, July 29, 2010

Feeling Tired

...because, if you'll notice my new widget, I'm pregnant! James and I are excited to welcome baby number 3 in our home some time around March 6th. For those of you trying to do the math, that means I'm a little over 8 weeks along. Did you know that your chances of miscarriage decrease to only 5% when you're 8 weeks, and down to 1% when at 12 weeks? That's exciting!

Anyway, my morning sickness has been practically non-existent, which is GREAT and unexpected, but I have been feeling the fatigue that usually accompanies pregnancy.

We originally decided that we would keep the sex of this baby a surprise, however, that has gone out the window. James so badly wants a boy, but I'm 99% sure that we have a girl on the way. For James' sake, I hope I am wrong. Anyway, now we have to find out what we're having as soon as possible. Every week James asks me how much longer until we can get that ultra-sound. Silly boy.

Well, that's the end of our exciting news. Hope you enjoyed it!

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