Friday, February 12, 2010

Water Fight

It was 10:30 last night and we were about to head up the stairs to bed. A small series of events took place that engaged us in a water fight. Our bathroom got soaked and there was some squealing in front of our kids rooms. (Luckily it didn't wake them up.)

I won.

I would hope that most other couples act as much like children as we do. Our marriage wouldn't be the same without the wrestling, water fights, and dead arms.

It's called love, right Stephen and Jeana?


Mindee said...

If you can't be best friends with your spouse, what else do you have?? I love it :)

Michelle said... did have fun last night after all.

The Wards said...

Thank you for not going into detail about the "small series of events" that took place before the water fight.