Monday, February 8, 2010

Talk About a...

Crazy weekend!

In August my sisters and I planned a sister's reunion of sorts. The soonest we were all available to do it was this last weekend, February 5-7. Three of my sisters live out of state, so they all bought their plane tickets to come out here. A couple of months later, James' sister Becky announces that she is getting married the same weekend! Not to mention it's the same weekend as the super bowl and James' birthday.

Sadly, I don't have any pictures of my sister's weekend....YET. I'll have some eventually. We had a blast, I thought. Shopping, food, visiting; perfect.

James drove to Idaho Friday morning while I spent the day with my sisters. I broke off from the party on Saturday to go to Idaho so I wouldn't miss the wedding.
The pictures are all candid shots because I was taking them in between the real pictures. The above is all the siblings. Below is all the siblings plus Dad. I somehow missed getting one with Dixie in it. (That's James' mom.)

I'm a bad wife and didn't even make a cake for James. I would have, believe me, but there just wasn't any need for any more cake after the wedding! This is one of the left over cakes served at the wedding. I left to come back to Utah Sunday morning (without James), so I didn't even get to see this cake in person with the candles in it. I did frost it the day before though!

Colton is celebrating the fact that James is now 30!

James got home on Monday afternoon and found this basket of goodness! Every year for his birthday I make him a candy poster, but a friend gave me this idea so I stole it! There are 30 candy bars taped to lollipop sticks stuck in a basket full of conversation hearts. Each candy bar has a reason why I love him on it. 30 reasons for his 30 years of life.

My mom's birthday was last week and this is the cake I made for her. I stole this idea from (Check it out!) The candy sprinkles spell out "mom". You may ask why but my answer is, "just because"!

Here is the wedding cake I made for Becky's and Scott's wedding. We're so happy that all of our siblings are married now! But I am sad that I don't get to make wedding cakes for my siblings any more. I suppose the nieces and nephews will be getting married soon enough. The oldest are 18, so maybe in a few years! :)


carlee said...

Great cake! And remember, you still have at least one friend who will want your cake services ;) P.S. How'd James' other present go?

The Wards said...

Wow, I love the cake. It turned out beautiful.