Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Pumpkin Picking

We finally decided that it was time to go get our pumpkins. Luckily, our good friends, the Anderson's, were thinking the same thing. We decided to go to Schmidt's together. James, Von, and Lizzy decided to scope out the pumpkins while waiting for the rest of us to catch up.

This was the best picture I could get of all the kids. Logan still hates to have his picture taken, so the fact that his face is in this picture is lucky. Julia and Ellie have clearly had their pictures taken a lot. They were PERFECT posers!
Clearly Logan doesn't know what a "pretty" pumpkin looks like.

Nice load, no?

These two stuck together pretty closely. It was so cute! Until they tried to run out into the street that is. :)

Now, go get YOUR pumpkins! This was a great place. It's on the corner of 9000 south and 2200 west. The real reason I'm endorsing this place is because these local farmers are in my Mom's ward. It feels good to support people you know, you know? The place is very family friendly too, so GO!
Happy Halloween!

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Michelle said...

We went there on Saturday! It's our favorite place to go.