Thursday, October 15, 2009

One of THOSE Mornings

Logan has been potty trained for a little while now. He did really well at first but has regressed somewhat since then. He hasn't regressed in the sense that he doesn't know what to do now, it's all just a power struggle with him at this point. For whatever reason, he hates to pee in the potty. He has no problems telling me when he has to poo, but pee is the power struggle. I've even started giving him treats again for when he goes potty by himself and actually does it in the potty.

This morning happened. Logan once again decided that he was NOT going to pee in the potty. I put him in the bathroom and told him he could come out once he was done. He kept asking to come out while I kept telling him to go potty so he could come out. While I was waiting for him to decide to go to the bathroom, I changed Lizzy into her new diaper and clothes for the day. I went back to check on Logan. I opened the door only to find that he had decided to pee on the floor. In my own private rage, I completely forgot about Lizzy, grabbed Logan and threw him in the tub. I turned around to see Lizzy, in her new outfit, crawling right through the puddle of pee. Needless to say, they both got baths this morning and I have lost a little bit more sanity.

Are you sad that I had no pictures of this episode? Don't be. The only thing the pictures would have depicted would be crazed mother, crying son, helpless 10 month old soaked in pee. It wasn't a pretty picture.


Anderson Family said...

OHHHHHHH! That is a frustrating way to start you day!!!

jen said...

times like these are the ones that are hardest to laugh at in the moment, but you will someday right? it's moments of frustration like that when i realize I must have prayed for more patience the evening before. what a good opportunity to find "joy in the journey" right? ha!

btw, i think you painted wonderful images, i love the one with you on one side of the door telling him to pee and logan on the other begging to come out. oh toddlers....

i hope your DAY is better!!
{virtual/long distance hug}

Michelle said...

Oh, Man! Makes me even more glad to have older children. One day, you WILL look back on this and laugh (just not right now, I get it). I do feel for you, though.