Thursday, October 29, 2009

Catching Up

It's only been a couple of weeks since I last posted, but I feel so behind! It's been a couple of busy weeks for me; I like that.

Ok, so what's kept me busy, you want to know? I don't really remember. I had to refer to my pictures as a reminder.

Here is one of a batch of apple butter. I made two different batches using the apples from my mom's trees. I also forced my friend Mary into making a batch for herself. It was soooooo much easier to make than I had been anticipating. If you've got a lot of apples, I recommend turning them into apple butter. It is super yummy.
I have also made two of these birthday cakes and 60 of the cupcakes in the following picture. A friend in the ward asked me to do these for her son's birthday.
(Argh! I just now spotted the three green dots in a row on the cake! Sorry Viv!)

Speaking of cake, I get to make a lot more cake! Today I baked a cake for my friend's birthday, and in a few weeks I will be making my sister's wedding cake. Careful planning is going into that cake. This wedding has been A LONG time in coming for her, so I want to make sure it is extra special. The wedding is the day before Thanksgiving, so be patient for the pictures. As for the friend's b-day cake, I'll get the pictures up as soon as I'm done with it.
The following are just random pictures from every day life. Logan requested that this picture be taken of him. He usually screams and runs away when he sees the camera, so I was happy to oblige when he asked me to take this. I was lucky to get this shot because right after I took it he got mad at me for trying to take his picture. What the? Strange kid. Cute pic though. He dressed himself.
These are the other two crazy people in my life. It's seriously difficult to get a good picture of James. The first one I took of him he had his eyes closed. This was the second picture and he doesn't like it. He thinks he look possessed. It doesn't matter though, because I was really taking the picture of Lizzy. I love her hair in it. It is her post bath look. Come to think of it, this is James' post bath look too. :)
I hope you enjoyed the path down the last two weeks of my life! I guess I wasn't as busy as I thought. Oh well.

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Anderson Family said...

The cupcakes are sooo cute! I love Lizzy's hair in that pic. Ha!