Saturday, May 16, 2009

Mean Mom Day

Yep, today I was a mean mom. I took Lizzy to get her ears pierced. Judge me all you want, but I have my reasons, OK? You all get to screw up your own kids; this is how I choose to mess up mine. Anyway...this is the before picture. Grandma had her fooled that nothing bad was about to happen. She is skilled like that...I'm sure she fooled me a time or two growing up. :) And because I know you read this...I LOVE YOU MOM! Also, thanks for getting my ears pierced for me before I could have a clear memory of that day!

This is Lizzy during the horrific event. One ear down and one to go!

This is the after shot. I'm not sure if you can make the picture bigger on your computers, but see if you can, because the water in her eyes is adorable.

She did calm down fairly quickly. She's a good baby like that. :) I think she looks adorable now, and thankfully, James does too.


Colby and Dani said...

She looks so cute! I'm on your side- I had both my girls' ears pierced before they were 4 months old! I'm all about the torture you can inflict upon your children before they can protest or realize it is happening! Seriously, all joking aside, it is sooooo much easier for them to grow up with earrings, than to suddenly have them at an older age and fidget and mess with them, take them out, etc. Good job!

Emily Heider said...

Oh man, that is a funny post! I'm sure she's adorable with them!! :-)