Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Family Pictures

Last Monday, James and I tried to get some pictures taken of our small family. Logan made it virtually impossible to get a good picture. We couldn't even get a good picture of just him. He absolutely won't stand or sit in one place for more than a second, let alone SMILE for a picture!

We found a "Liz"ard in the grass.

This is the best picture we came up with. Not too bad, but now it's outdated since I just chopped off all of my hair!

Notice the firm grip I have on Logan to prevent him from dashing away? Unfortunately, for him, he is in our family, so I insisted he be in the family picture.


Salina said...

And I have to say that the hair cut is simply ADORABLE!

Instead of trying for a posed picture, just try and follow him for some fun candids. After all, it is the age, and it's just plain frustrating! But the pictures are super cute! Love them!

Kassie said...

Dont you just LOVE trying to get pictures??? They turned out really cute!!

Anderson Family said...

I think the family pic is great! Teh one of lizzy made me laugh, it doesn't look like she has any arms! Ha!