Saturday, April 25, 2009

Stinkin' Cute!

I was just going through some old pictures, (in preparation for my upcoming post about our anniversary) and I came across this picture. I think this has to be one of my all time favorites! I took this picture when we were living with my mom and dad. We would mow their lawn for them every week, and Logan couldn't be left out. The handkerchief was to keep his head from getting sun burned.
If you look closely, you'll see that I am in the picture too. Can anybody find me? (Family is not allowed to participate in this "where is Waldo" competition. You have already seen this picture and it would therefore not be fair.) The prize for finding me is... COOKIES! Only because I have some on hand. If you don't live anywhere near me, then you get a plate of heart felt imaginary cookies. Oh, and if you want to play but you aren't sure you will like the cookies, I will tell you that they are pumpkin chocolate chip. If you read this post a few days after I post it and you want to play but don't want to get old crusty cookies, no worries, I have some uncooked dough in the fridge ready to bake a fresh batch. If I already brought you a plate of cookies (because I am nice like that) and you win, you get another plate of cookies. Sorry, they will be the same flavor. Umm....I think I've covered all my bases now. Good luck!

Ok, so now I realize that if the first person who reads this finds me then all the rest of you won't even play, so, if you do find me (before reading the comments to see if somebody else found me first) tell me truthfully that you found me on your own and I will give you the plate of real or imaginary cookies.


Tiff said...

Are you in James' sunglassses? Took me a minute! :) (Don't worry about the cookies... I'll take kudos! :))

Salina said...

See what extremes us photographers need to go to just to get in the picture!!! I think I'm in a few of A's pictures too!