Friday, April 24, 2009

Sick Child

Be grateful that I have no corresponding pictures! I just wanted to say that up front.

Yesterday was fun... Logan woke up with a temp of 101 and it just went up from there! For the rest of the day his temperature hovered between 103-104. He finally threw up around 4:00 PM. Luckily, (yes, I do mean luckily) he threw up all over me. None of it got on the carpet. I kept pumping him full of drugs, but they never seemed to bring his temperature down. I woke him up at 10:00 PM to give him more tylenol and to take his temperature again. It had spiked to over 105. We got him up, undressed him and started feeding him otter pops and forcing him to drink juice. I also called a lady in my mom's ward who is a nurse. She offered me a bunch of good advice and it felt good to talk to somebody who knew what they were talking about. At 10:30, Logan threw up again, all over himself this time. (I'm so glad he spared my carpet!) I gave him a quick bath after that, but he started shivering right away, so it was a super quick bath. We took his temp again and it had come down to 102. We put him back to bed and I woke up at 2:00 AM to take his temperature again, just to make sure it didn't spike again. Like magic, (I think it had to do with the blessing James gave him) his temperature was 98! He has a slight temperature this morning, close to 100, but he seems to be his regular self!

The only reason that I find this post newsworthy is because this is the first time Logan has ever been sick! He's never even had an ear infection before! So, this was a new experience for me--to be thrown up on etc. Now I'm just crossing my fingers that Lizzy doesn't get sick from whatever Logan had!

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Anderson Family said...

Oh my goodness! You has a rough day. Poor Logan. I sure hope Lizzy doesn't get it.

BTW- I am really glad Coleman didn't come to play yesterday! ;)