Thursday, January 17, 2013

Our Family Has Grown...

by four paws.

Lizzy asked Santa for a puppy for her Christmas present. She was totally un-phased when she opened her present that had a picture of our new dog, Twix. Regardless of her dud-like reaction, she loves him to pieces. Logan is always nervous that Twix will bite, but he still loves to play with him and take him on walks. The person who should show the most fear of Twix is the one that shows the least fear of him, and that is Siri. He has nipped her a few times when she's tried to sit on him, poke his eyes, or pull his tale. They are getting used to each other though.

I'll admit that I might love Twix the most. I love dogs. Always have. It just feels right to have him here, but I still feel anxious about his presence because James hates that we have an indoor dog. I think Twix feels James' hate, because he has a tendency to leak pee when James comes near him. He's never done that with me.

Twix is a pure bread shih tzu. He seems a bit dumb, but he is potty trained, and that's all that I really care about.  We have fun with him and I think he is happy here. He likes to check out the cows, and the last few nights he has sneaked into our room to be with us. I think that's a good sign that he likes me at least.

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