Wednesday, January 30, 2013

18 months of Crazies

We've celebrated a big milestone in our family this month. Siri turned 18 months. All you lds church goers knows what that means!  Of course, we're still working on her to stay in the nursery both hours without will happen soon.

In the spirit of my baby turning into a toddler, I thought I would post just about her. Let me start you off with this cute video of my dancing Siri Crazy Girl.
She has recently discovered that she can start music on the piano herself, so this has been a common sight the last few weeks.

Our little girl thinks that she's a little boy. She plays hard and laughs in the face of danger. When we first moved here, about 2 months ago, she climbed up the stairs on the bunk bed and tried to get off the top bunk without using the stairs. We waited a few days before taking her to the doctor, hoping she would start using her arm, but she didn't, so we went. After a long day chasing down a few different doctors, it was confirmed that she broke clean through her humorous bone. No cast though.

A favorite game around our house is to turn out the lights, run around and scare each other. We call it Creeper. Siri LOVES this game. She runs around the house squealing in absolute delight. One night our creeper game transitioned into dancing like hooligans with the strobe light. Siri ran through the kitchen, screaming in delight, slipped on the linoleum floor, banged her head on the kitchen cupboard, and screamed in pain.

 As you can see, she earned herself a nice sized goose egg.

Oh exasperate and delight us. I could give countless examples, but I'll share just one.

Siri has always struggled to sleep through the night, or to sleep past 5:00 in the morning. About a month ago we decided to move her out of the pack n' play onto a mattress on the floor, thinking that it was more comfortable and would help her sleep through the night. It worked for 2 weeks!  She slept like a champ for basically the first time in her life. Then it stopped. She wakes up crying several times a night. We rarely do anything, and eventually she stops crying on her own. (Sometimes she needs a pat on the head.)  This exasperates us. But, what delights us, is when it's 7:30, and time for bed, we tell her to go get in bed, and the good little girl that she is, takes off running for her bed, hops in, and pulls up her blankets. All by herself.  So cute.

 Siri, your dad named you Monster the day you were born. It was a self fulfilling prophecy, I'm afraid. We often comment to each other that it is a good thing that you are so cute. :)
 You are a little obsessed with cereal.
Every morning you get out a bowl and whine to us until we let you fill up your bowl with cereal YOURSELF!

All of your craziness is easily forgiven, because you love us.  You give us plenty of loves and kisses. Thank you for that. And thanks for being our Monster Crazy. We love you to pieces.

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Jen and Fielding said...

Oh it is truly amazing the things children can get away with due to a cute smile and adorable personality.