Wednesday, October 13, 2010

End in Sight

Our prophets have been counseling for a long time to get our food storage in order. We'll be the first to admit that we've been slow to get started. But, this year is different for us. We had already decided that we wanted to spend our Christmas money (we have generous parents) on food storage. Not even a month later, James' mom gave each of her kids their Christmas early. Money to spend ONLY on food storage. She even made little notebooks for each of our families that says how much we need to buy of everything. Very nice. We've taken inventory on everything we have, and we're proud to have a whole year on some things, 6 months on many things, and only 3 months on just a few things.
Logan is showing off all the food we bought with our Christmas money.

All of this food storage talk got me thinking one night. I told James that while the thought of Christs' return to the earth is very exciting, quite frankly, I'm scared to have to live through all of the turmoil that has been prophesied. Through the course of our discussion, we decided that, while James would rather be here for the second coming, he'll be in heaven with me when the time comes if that's what I would prefer. But, we still don't want to miss the big event! So, I'll be either one of the trumpet playing angels, or one of the singing ones. (I still can't decide.) And James will be charging forward, valiantly (and oh so handsomely) with sword in one hand, and the title of liberty in the other hand.

Tell me, do all married couples have discussions like this?


Sara Hammond said...

I think it is cute! And I would love to see the list your mom put together. you think about things other than food-medicine, toilet paper, etc? Where do you store it all?

Becks said...

Hahaha! Honestly? The fact that you guys talk about that stuff gives me hope. Hope that I'll find someone who will talk awesomeness with me.

I loved the mental images I got with the whole second coming section.

The Mickelsen's said...

She put together quite the list, and yes, it includes EVERYTHING! Oddly enough, it's the random things that I have a year of storage on. We have TONS of toothpaste and toilet paper and medicine.

I think she got the list off of food storage websites. She gave us 3 different versions, and they are all a little different. But she also included a spread sheet for us to record how much we have of everthing. I like that part a lot. Anyway, we have a huge closet in our play room that holds a bulk of the stuff. We have a lot of boxes of food in one of the kids closets and our buckets of wheat (which I checked and are ok to store in extreme heat) are in our attic. We have yet to get our water barrels, but we're getting them in one month, and they are going under our stairs. We've had to move stuff around to make it all work, but we're making it work!

Becky, I'm glad I brought you some happy mental images. :) Unfortuantely, we never find the one we love on our time table. (Just ask Sarah! ha!) You'll find a honey, just keep your eyes peeled.

Jenny Gamboa said...

I LOVE how candid and honest you are on your blog. Most people are
like "and this is us in front of mickey mouse and this is us on
christmas day and bla bla bla." You are totally not afraid to tell us
all your depest thoughts and desires and strange discusions with your
husband. I read your blog and think "WOW I really am NOT the only
one!" ;) Thanks for "keeping it real." ;)

Mindee said...

We do :) We have had some crazy conversations, WAAAY too late into the nights most times. I think we fall more in love with each other the most when we have deep gospel talks. It's a good thing!