Saturday, May 1, 2010

The Last Couple of Days

Yesterday was James' and my 7th wedding anniversary. We didn't really celebrate it though. I woke up early that morning and finished working on a wedding cake for my friends brother. After I finished it and got it delivered, James took me to an oral surgeon so I could have my wisdom teeth taken out.
This is me last night (Friday the 30th). Nothing like being drugged up, freshly showered, reading a book, and cuddling up with a bag of frozen corn and okra.

Here is the wedding cake. I finished the board off by putting a black ribbon around it. The couple also put a silver "J" on top.
We took this video of Lizzy that same day. James went in her room to get her up for the morning. She was all smiles, but completely covered in throw up!

It is now Saturday morning and 24 hours after my surgery. No swelling yet. Also, I'm only taking Ibuprofen to manage the pain. I'm not in that much pain, yet, and the Lortab just made me feel woozy and dizzy. Anyway, it was a fun anniversary in it's own way. Stay tuned for a post that is more anniversary related.


plainoldsarah said...

why did she throw up? that's just horrible and unimaginable and makes me NOT want to have any kids.

by the way, lortab tends to do that to me too. i usually would just take it before bed - better to sleep through the weirdness. if you need it. but bret says it works best if you take it before you need it. good luck. maybe we'll try to visit you this week with your gift from mother and with my throw away conditioners etc.

Mindee said...

Oh no! I'm so sorry Lizzie threw up & that you had to have your wisdom all taken away from you... Mommies don't seem to have enough brains as it is! ;)

But congratulations on 7 years & great job on that cake!!